RideClean Ultra Premium Polish & Sealer

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Only one application of our Ultra Premium Polish & Sealer protects vehicles and more from bird droppings, insect splatter, acid rain, brake dust, and environmental damage. One of the unique features of Rideclean is that it improves the material applied on. This means that the surfaces remain flat and the glossy surfaces become shinier.

A lot of polishes currently in the market will destroy plastic and other materials by leaving a white residue that is permanently embedded in the material. RideClean helps reduce corrosion and oxidation, restores and protects plastics from the weather, and makes any treated surface easy to clean!

Unlike other sealants, our Ultra Premium Polish & Sealer smells nice, provides more protection, improves coating performance, improves image depth, and reduces cleaning and maintenance for every subsequent application. This ensures that your surfaces are in a new, improved and restored state.

What sets Ride clean apart from the other products in your garage? It is more than just for your car. You can as well apply on RVs, boats, motorcycles, and planes; Our Ultra Premium Polish & Sealer cleans, improves and protects all materials and surfaces such as stainless steel, backsplashes, appliances, counters, mirrors and more!

Benefits of this package

  • It helps to repel water easily.
  • Natural formulation, so you save time and make your car looks brand new.
  • The more you use this product, the better your vehicle is protected.
  • Excellent at cleaning of coated surfaces
  • It's incredibly long lasting and can last a whole month.